Ark Films, hat specializes in Films, Commercials, Visual Effects, Motion Design, Story Writing, a few days ago dropped a short film based on the Balakot strikes ” END RUN ” which has entered Film-fare short film awards for the year 2020 based On Feb. 26 pre-emptive airstrikes by Indian Mirage-2000s on Terror facility in the Balakot.

The film starts with Indian Mirage-2000 aircraft returning after conducting a pre-emptive strike on terror camps near Balakot, Mirage-2000 Pilots been told about chase from F-16 fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force on their tail at long range while Indian warplanes are heading towards Line of Control (LOC).

Fact versus friction, it has been reported that when Indian warplanes crossed into the Pakistani side of Kashmir, PAF was not aware of them until Indian Mirages had already fired guided bombs towards the targets from ‘standoff’ ranges which required only small significantly amount of time beyond the Line of Control due to which PAF F-16 was launched for interceptions which were nearly 3-4 minutes late to interception, which can be seen in the short film with no launch of any BVRAAMs from the F-16s on fleeing Mirage-2000s.

Over a minute in the short-film, we see that in the film, we see F-16s started going to south and back to their bases and almost giving up on the chase which is coordinated by the facts that even with late interception of F-16s were not being able to catch up till LOC when Indian warplanes were close to LOC and it was evident that Chase couldn’t have been successful unless PAF breached LOC that night.

Till now officials facts disclosed and what was shown in the film stands but what comes next is what has put out by a section of Indian conspiracy theories on Twitter about Pakistan Army launching Medium-range LY-80/HQ-16 air defense systems deployed close to Line of control on Indian warplanes. HQ-16 is operated by Pakistan Army which operates SAM systems that defend countrywide vulnerable areas/points as well as over the battlefield and has a maximum interception range for combat aircraft is 40 km.

In the film, we can see pilot confirming missile launch and also the distance of the missile approaching the jets at over 30 kms. the film shows the launch of two HQ-16 surface-to-air missiles and one particular missile giving chase to one of the aircraft when the film ends. All Indian warplanes have returned safely that day and the official version has no such mention of Pakistan army launching HQ-16 surface-to-air missiles on Indian planes but a section of Indian conspiracy theories on Twitter do insist that a Pakistani HQ-16 SAM Battery site was neutralized by launch of an Indian missile by other aircraft in the vicinity which was patrolling the area to intervene if required in support of the Mirage-2000s which went into POK that night.

It has been reported that Su-30MKI was used to destroy the same HQ-16 SAM Battery site but this is unconfirmed reports which have not been validated by the IAF but the film does give a boost to the section of Indian conspiracy theories on Twitter about the HQ-16 SAM Battery been destroyed and to be fair to readers, the original word by conspirators was that IAF knew about the SAM site and in fact, it was destroyed even before IAF jet entered but film gives another dimension to this conspiracy.

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