Brazil-based major aerospace and defense group Embraer officials in an interview with Indian media have said that the company is looking to secure additional sales of its platform for the ‘Netra’ AEW&C program. Embraer officials also confirmed that they have pitched multimission medium airlift C-390 Millennium to the Indian Air Force and have briefed about the aircraft.

The KC-390/C-390 is a direct challenger to the American company’s renowned and Multimission KC-130J/C-130J Hercules and Indian Air Force already operates 12 C-130J to support India’s special operations requirements. IAF is also looking to procure 6 more C-130J to further expand its fleet for a wide array of missions, including humanitarian support, medical evacuation, search and rescue, and transporting and launching cargo and troops.

Embraer C-390 in one-to-one comparison with C-130J is quite similar but due to fuel-efficient turbofan engines, it has a better ferry range. It’s not clear if Embraer is pitching C-390 to eye six C-130J requirements that IAF has but it is highly unlikely India will go for a new type unless the US sanctions India on the procurement of Russian systems like S-400.

The C-390 is the largest, heaviest, and most complex military aircraft designed, developed, and produced by Embraer that has a maximum payload capacity of 26 metric tones and can airdrop 19 metric tones of load or seat 80 soldiers or 66 paratroopers with full operational gear. The aircraft is powered by two IAE V2500-E5 turbofan engines.

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