Brazilain Aerospace major Embraer is scouting for local partners in India to develop modern turboprops that could significantly disrupt the Indian market dominated by ATR. Embraer is eyeing two variants, one with 70 and another with 90 seats and is in talks with Indian State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and other Private sector companies for local assembly of the modern turboprop aircraft.

Embraer views the 70-seat variant as ideal for Indian carriers, where over 61 aircrafts ATR turboprops are currently flying in India by four airlines. Embraer claims that Turboprops are the perfect tool to serve thin point-to-point routes profitably, essentially because they are the most efficient aircraft on short thin routes, and there is still a big potential in India to link secondary cities between themselves, where passenger flows are not big enough for larger modules to be relevant.

Embraer released its turboprop concept last year that has engines in the back of that platform, Company claims that an aft-mounted configuration could allow the company to modify the aircraft to have hydrogen-burning engines by 2040.

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