The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) has approached Indian Air Force (IAF) for spares of its Russian-manufactured MiG-29M2 fighter jets and Mi-17 helicopter fleet due to the distribution of the Russian supply chain due to ongoing sanctions on Russian companies with whom Egypt can’t deal directly on fear of American sanctions.

Egypt is in desperate need of spares for Klimov RD-33 Series-3 engines that are powering its MiG-29M2 fighter jets. Same engines are locally manufactured in India by the Indian state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

EAF operates 44 MiG-29 M/M2 fighter jets and 60 Mil Mi-17 Transport Helicopters in its fleet. India which manufactures most of its spares at home for its Mig-29UPG fleet and its Mi-17 Helicopters has not seen any major disruption in spares largely due to the homegrown supply chain and from Russia directly.

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