Engine Factory Avadi(EFA) completed the last phase of trials called Summer Trials at Mahajan Field Firing Range, Suratgarh where the Pilot Overhauled T90 engine was demonstrated to the Army without any ToT coming in from Russia this time. Engine Factory Avadi(EFA) located at 7 Avadi manufactures V92S2 Engine for the T-90 Bhishma Battle Tanks.

Indigenization of V92S2 Engines has resulted in savings for the exchequer to the tune of ?33 lakh for the T-90 engine. T-90S tank engines were previously overhauled in Russia and were sent via the sea route.

The engine and transmission were not part of the ToT deal that required dependency on Russia for the supply of spares and their overhauling. overhauled engines will enhance their service life for the next few years even though they had completed their mandated life thus saving cost on buying new engines for the tanks.

Indian Army has more than 1,025 T-90S tanks in its inventory and is the largest T-90 operator in the world after Russia.

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