Nagpur-based Economic Explosives (EEL) developed Nagastra-1 Loiter Munition has completed user trials carried out by the Indian Army as per a report by India Tv. Nagastra-1 can carry a 1.5 kg explosive warhead to a range of 15km and is a hand-launched Loiter Munition that can be an ideal choice for the Tactical Battle Area and it can establish firepower supremacy of our troops in contact.

EEL is also developing Nagastra-2 and Nagastra-3 Loiter Munition which will also soon commence user trials as per the report. Nagastra-2 can deliver a 4 kg explosive warhead up to a range of up to 25 km and is man-portable that can be carried in a backpack since it weighs only 20kg which includes communication control, payload, and launch mechanisms.

Nagastra-3 is a Tube or a catapult launched Loiter Munition that can carry 5-10kg explosive warhead up to 40-100km range. Six Nagastra-3 can be launched from any 1-Ton all-terrain rugged vehicle.

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