When asked about the new US envoy to India, Eric Garcetti’s statement that the CAA is discriminatory against Muslims, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar said that countries like the US and Germany already have similar laws.

“First and foremost, when the CAA was passed, there was a debate, and people in this country attempted to turn it into an international debate. It was interesting because as I travelled around the world, I asked different countries to please look at their citizenship criteria and tell me if they were less specific than we were. Consider the United States, and the two most well-known amendments there, the Lautenberg amendment and the Specter amendment.

which actually single out specific communities and faiths and expedites their path to citizenship… This is not limited to the United States; in Europe, Germans have a faster citizenship pathway for people of German descent living in other countries,” Jaishankar told a news channel.

He went on to say that people persecuted in other countries have nowhere to go but India. “In many cases, persecuted people have nowhere else to go but to India. If you are a Hindu in Pakistan who is being persecuted, your only option is to flee to India. …Allow him (Eric Garcetti) to come here, pyar se samjha denge,” Jaishankar said.