Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) has successfully designed, developed, and installed at its Pune facility a 10 Mega Joule (MJ) capacitor railgun for further testing which can provide multi-mission, multi-domain capability with greater flexibility and a smaller footprint for ship, land and mobile platforms.

10 MJ can carry hypersonic projectiles weighing 500g to 1kg due to high-velocity projectiles will lead to shorter engagement times and offer a high firing rate to engage multiple threats simultaneously. has been told that 10 MJ Railgun can be used as a single weapon system that can engage cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, combat jets, UAS, and surface threats.

EM Railgun Subsystems like Capacitor based Pulsed Power System, Charging Station, Control System, Rail-gun Launcher, Isolated Optical Trigger System, Projectile Design and Development, and Data Acquisition System have been developed and validated on smaller 4 MJ and 6 MJ Railgun prototypes.

ARDE plans to develop a 100 MJ EM Railgun Ground-based System that can launch an 18 kg projectile at hypervelocity exceeding 2000 m/s powered by a 100 MJ capacitor bank from a fixed firing stand. 100 MJ Railguns will be suitable for large caliber up to 155 mm and medium range guns (100 km to 400 km).

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