American F414-INS6 engines that are selected for the LCA-AF Mk2 fighter jet and AMCA jet program will also be used for the TEDBF jet program, but all three fighter jet program will eventually be getting the new 110kN Class of engine at the later stage, as negotiation with the International OEM partner picks up on which programs will be covered to make up production numbers. DRDO Chief Dr. G Satheesh Reddy has confirmed that LCA-AF Mk2 will enter production with the F414-INS6 engines but the engine will be replaced when it is due for a new engine after 7-8 years into service with the new engine that has higher thrust.

AMCA Mk1 will enter production with the American F414-INS6 engines but it will be limited to the first two squadrons only but the AMCA Mk2 will start rolling off the production line with the new engine from 2034 onwards. AMCA Mk1 will start getting new engines first and later it will also move to the LCA-AF Mk2 fleet. Navy initially will be getting TEDBF with American F414-INS6 engines but at later stages, it to will be getting new higher thrust engines after engine production pickups post 2035.

Tejas Mk1A will continued to be powered by the American F404-GE-IN20 might not get the new engine due to technical and weight issues in its integration and will be kept out of the negotiation table. DRDO is negotiating with the International OEM to jointly manufacture high 110kN Class of engine locally in India for the AMCA program, but that requires minimum older commitment for the International OEM to offer Joint intellectual property rights for the engine and it has been decided only LCA-AF Mk2, AMCA and TEDBF Program will be getting new engines so that the production is not limited only for the AMCA fleet, so that economic of scales kicks in and the engines don’t turn out to be more expensive than imported ones. Change of engines for LCA-AF Mk2 and TEDBF Program at later stages means production line of the new engine will remain open for longer duration and newer derivates will be manufactured for the next generation of UCAVs and manned fighter jets.

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