India’s premier defense research agency, Defence Research, and Development Organisation (DRDO) developed Naval Anti-Ship Missile Short Range that was to be tested last year will carry out its first developmental trial likely by mid of this year said well-informed sources close to

Unveiled at the DefExpo 2020, Work on the development of the missile system started in 2017 with funding of 434.6 crores. NASM-SR is a 380 kg Air launched Naval Anti-Ship Missile that has an IIR seeker and has a 100kg warhead that can be launched from Naval Helicopters against small to a medium class of ships and patrol boats.

NASM-SR has a range of 5-55km and is a sub-sonic missile system that can launch from 91 meters to 3 km. DRDO reportedly is also working on the development of NASM-ER that has a range of nearly 150km which can be launched from fighter jets and Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft and Helicopters.

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