Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will be carrying out a trial of the brand New missile that will be called ” Agni-Prime ” that is an improved variant of the Agni-1 in coming days as per report prepared by the ” Express-News Service”. The short-range ballistic missile will have a range of 1000km to 1500 km and will come with a host of improvements over its predecessor Agni-1 to make it much more agile and road-mobile.

Previously was told that Agni-Prime will be a Canister-based surface to a surface short-range ballistic missile that is capable of carrying a conventional payload of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) or a nuclear warhead. Unlike the single-stage Agni-I, Agni Prime is a double-stage missile that can evade any ballistic missile system , Agni Prime with usage of composite materials will make missile not only lighter but also much sleeker.

Agni-Prime will be a third-generation missile that was developed with a 1000-1500 km range. First Agni-TD was developed in 1989 that was later replaced by much more agile and smaller Agni-I in 2009, Agni-Prime will be supplementing Agni-I and eventually replace Agni-I in the Strategic Forces Command, which is responsible for the management and administration of the country’s tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile.

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