Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) Bangalore will be giving another go to develop a 12 MW Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine (KMGT) with a modified core, work for which already has commenced after MoD and Navy agreed to the indigenous engine for the maritime propulsion due to ongoing war in Ukraine.

KMGT when last tested, was not able to maintain its peak power out for a longer duration at the tests that were conducted at the Marine Gas Turbine testbed Facility that is capable of testing the Gas Turbines up to 25 MW of shaft power at Naval Dock Yard, Vishakapatnam.

The Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine (KMGT) is a modified Kaveri engine that has an additional ‘Low-Pressure Compressor and Turbine’ and is designed as ab ‘Free Power Turbine’ to use for maritime applications. GTRE claims that many of the technical issues of the Kaveri core have now been fixed under the ” Dry Kaveri ” program that is underway for the new engine to be used on the Unmanned Strike aircraft in near future and is confident that same can be done to fix KMGT Core.

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