India has been blessed with diverse weather conditions that often means weapons that under development in India require multiple trials, year-round to test their effectiveness under different environmental conditions. Extreme environmental testing of weapon systems is a vital necessity in any phase of the weapons system developmental cycle. Weapons go through the worst of the world’s climatic extremes throughout their service life, understanding how and where failures may occur is the key to ensuring reliability and so maintaining operational capability in the field.

While India is now focusing more and more on the development of local weapons, DRDO and other weapons manufacturers have to carry out multiple trials in extreme weather conditions. often we see multiple trials of the same weapons systems are been held up for Summer trials, Winter trials, and high altitude trials for months at a time till the onset of the season since most of the trials are still carried out at the extreme locations where these weapons systems are likely to be used.

Fighter jets, missile launchers, main battle tanks to artillery systems have to go through multiple trials at different times of the year to complete its developmental trials that are not only time consuming but also requires a whole weapon system that needs to be transported to the extreme ends of the country for trials to be carried out but this could be soon be thing of the past and weapons need not wait for seasons to change to carry out such weather trials soon. has been informed, India will soon get a climatic testing facility, that can be used to simulate just about any weather conditions on the planet like hottest, coldest, wettest, and dustiest environments that are usually found in India.

The climatic testing facility can replicate just about any weather conditions and the temperature ranging from 74oC down to -54oC can be simulated. weapons systems and their components can refuse to work in such conditions so it is necessary to test them to see if they can perform when required. such facility will be used not for weapons trials but to see if every system like electronics, hydraulics, batteries, onboard computers, and various sensors will function at varying temperatures.

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