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Satheesh Reddy, Chairman of DRDO and Secretary, Department of Defence Research and Development, told the media that India soon will have State-of-the-art Early Warning and long-range search and track radar Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar that has a range of 1000km. has been told that fabrication of the first production-ready units of the radar is already underway and the first unit might be ready for trials and testing sometime in 2024. AESA-based ground-based surveillance radar will be a transportable land-based radar system that can detect and track simultaneously airborne targets at a very long range. 

Radar will have functions of autonomous very long-range detection capability that is fine-tuned for detecting airborne threats with low radar cross-section that also incorporates advanced electronic countermeasure capabilities. 

The modular design of the radar system also means that the radar is scalable with multiple antenna blocks if provided with adequate power requirements. 

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