Defence Research and Development Organisation has finalized the development of Desi variant of Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) ER (Extended Range) surface-to-air interceptor that will incorporate a 150 km range to complement the XRSAM (eXtra-long Range Surface to Air Missile) that will have a range of 350km.

Desi Barak-ER like XRSAM will be a vertical-launch, all-weather, advanced active radar-guided, 50 g maneuvering interceptor capable of 360° intercepts at altitudes up to 30 km. Both Interceptor missiles will be powered by a solid fuel dual-pulse rocket motor, that already has been developed for the Indo-Israeli MRSAM Interceptor missile but with an additional solid-propellant booster it can achieve the 150 km intercept range.

New Desi Barak-ER will be effectively identical to the MRSAM but will replace all Israeli components with the indigenous systems. XRSAM is a spin-off of the AAD-1 endo-atmospheric interceptor with a service ceiling of 120 km and has supposedly Anti-Ballistic Missile features. Both New Interceptor missiles will be part of the new long-range air defense system that DRDO is working on and will be similar to the S-400 class that India has recently acquired from Russia that comes with Two missiles, a 40N6E a 400 km range and 48N6 with a 250 km range as part of the missiles system.

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