Last year a tender was issued by the public sector undertaking Defence Research and Development Organisation inviting companies interested in carrying out Integration of RudraM-III Missile on Su-30 MKI aircraft (NonUMC) that was supposed to be followed by the trial of the missile system. has been told that the integration work is progressing well and soon captive flight trials of the missile system will commence followed by developmental trials of the missile system for which DRDO already started manufacturing 20 limited series units of the RudraM-III missiles that will be used in its developmental phase.

RudraM-III is long-range Air to Surface missile system with a range of up to 550km. RudraM-III program was sanctioned in 2017 with developmental trials to begin in 2022 for 485 crores. DRDO is also working on RudraM-II and RudraM-IIA that are also Air to Surface missiles with a range of up to 250-350km.


RudraM-III, RudraM-II, and RudraM-IIA along with RudraM-I are components of the Rudra family of Air to Surface missiles developed by DRDO so that will be carried on by all future fighters of the IAF from the LCAAF-Mk2 onwards including Tejas Mk1A. RudraM-I has been classified as an anti-radiation missile with a range of 150-200km. RudraM-III is often classified as the air-launched quasi ballistic missile with hypersonic terminal stage by defense analysts in India but this information it is yet to be confirmed.

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