Imaging infrared seeker

India’s 3rd Generation Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) developed by State-owned DRDO will be tested soon in a Production-ready unit that will have all major components of the missile system like the command launch unit (CLU), warhead, and a laser designator that will be assembled for the first time.

Last tested in 2019, the MPATGM development phase has been delayed to the pandemic situation but now plans are to complete its development trials by end of this year if results are found satisfactory it will pave way for the start of the user trials, before it is cleared for production next year.

Private sector company Tonbo Imaging has been roped in by Bharat Dynamics in developing a lightweight imaging infrared seeker without cryogenic compressor for MPATGM that will use a real-time artificial intelligence-based image processing unit to help the missile reorient itself towards the vulnerable section of the designated target.
Work on the imaging infrared seeker is almost completed and many private companies will be part of the supply chain for the missile system when it enters production. Tonbo Imaging also has developed a command launcher unit that has its Integrated GPS and Digital Compass, Missile Control Electronics, and Laser Range Finder for the MPATGM.

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