After its Developmental Partner, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) showcased Barak-8ER (Extended-Range) surface to air missile system with a range of 150 km which is extended variant of the Medium-range surface-to-air missile (MRSAM) named in Indian Air Force (IAF) and offered it to India, DRDO its Indian partner has decided to develop a local version of it with inhouse technologies instead of relying on the IAI.

DRDO has planned to test MRSAM missile system with an additional rocket booster which could have doubled its range from its current 70-80km to 140-150 km for the Air Force version which also requires minor changes to the mobile launch canister design and tweaking to the phased-array radars, command, and control system of the missile.

DRDO is also working on Surface to Air Missile which it calls as XRSAM and has a range of 250km and is designed to work with MRSAM-ER for the Air force along with MRSAM (70km). Official Renders of the XRSAM confirms that it has taken design cues from the IAI-DRDO developed MRSAM air defense system and probably will be using the same enhanced missile frame of the MRSAM missile and electronics like Active seeker and dual pulse motor which it has developed for the MRSAM program.

XRSAM was also seen with an additional rocket booster which leads to questions if the MRSAM-ER will be called XRSAM and the range will be bumped to 250km instead of 150km as rumored to be. Both Naval, Army, and Air force variants of XRSAM will be developed, XRSAM will have higher local content than the MRSAM which has many Israeli components in it including its Radar and command and control systems.

DRDO has confirmed the development of XRSAM but has been mum on development of MRSAM-ER, Sources close to have confirmed that one of the MRSAM missile launches was delayed due to lockdown in recent weeks.


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