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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is in process of developing a launch tube with low-recoil for the shoulder launch Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) program as the anti-tank missile was flight-tested in its final deliverable configuration last year from a makeshift tripod stand.

DRDO officials confirm that work is on reducing recoil once the missile is fired from the shoulder of a soldier so that it is a manageable force that can be handled by the soldier and for which efforts are being made to reduce recoil forces.

DRDO is also fine-tuning the booster energy so that the level of recoil can be tolerated by the solider and recoil also doesn’t affect the positioning of the soldier causing deviation in the flight path of the missile.

DRDO plans to carry out a test of MPATGM in full configuration soon.

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