Delhi-based, Timetooth Technologies Private Limited has tied up with Defence PSU DRDO to collaborate on the development of a Military Exoskeleton under TDF Scheme, which aims to provide a major fillip to the defense manufacturing sector by encouraging the industry to innovate.

Timetooth is developing Military Exoskeleton that increases endurance and reduces injury risk during operations. The exoskeleton will use lightweight materials, hybrid actuation technologies, an efficient battery system, and anthropomorphic design studies.

Military Exoskeleton aims to reduce back injuries that are one of the leading causes of military injuries in the Indian Army when lifting heavy objects like artillery rounds, boxes, or guns. For Military applications, an Exo-suit rigged up on a soldier is expected to enhance the soldier’s additional load-carrying capacity by 100 kg for a minimum of 8 hours of operational time and 3-5 hours of battery backup.

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