The DRDO-Adani collaboration in India has developed a highly advanced weapon system called the UAV Launched Precision Guided Missiles (ULPGM) which operates as an Air to Surface weapon system capable of targeting both stationary and moving targets. The ULPGM system features four different variants to meet diverse requirements, and it can operate in complete autonomous mode.

The development of the ULPGM system has been a massive success, with the completion of all developmental trials being a significant milestone. The successful trials indicate that the system is highly reliable and can perform accurately in real-world scenarios. The next phase of trials is scheduled to take place later this year before the system is cleared for production in 2024.

The ULPGM system utilizes the latest technology to provide exceptional targeting capabilities, allowing it to hit targets with remarkable accuracy. This advanced system offers a significant improvement over traditional weapons, making it an essential asset for the Indian military. The ability to operate autonomously makes the system highly versatile and reduces the risks associated with human error.

The ULPGM system’s successful development is a testament to the DRDO-Adani collaboration’s expertise and dedication to advancing India’s defense capabilities. The ULPGM system will play a crucial role in enhancing the country’s military readiness and its ability to respond effectively to security threats.

In addition to the information provided earlier, here are the specifications of the UAV Launched Precision Guided Missiles (ULPGM) system:

  • Type: Air to Surface
  • Weight: 5 to 8.5 kg
  • Effective range: 1.5 to 2.5 km
  • Guidance: 2-way data link
  • Seeker: Highly effective IIR (Infrared Imaging) Seeker

The ULPGM system’s lightweight and compact design make it highly portable and easy to deploy in various settings. The system’s effective range allows it to engage targets from a safe distance, making it ideal for use in both urban and rural environments. The 2-way data link enables the operator to control the missile’s trajectory and make any necessary adjustments to ensure accurate targeting. The highly effective IIR seeker system enables the missile to track and engage targets with exceptional accuracy, making it a valuable asset in any combat situation.

Overall, the ULPGM system’s advanced technology and impressive capabilities make it a vital component of India’s defense strategy, enhancing the country’s ability to defend itself against any potential threats.