Indian Airforce (IAF) has moved some of the Air defense systems at the Ladakh region as part of its forward deployment to match aggressive deployment in the region by the Chinese Army and also due to unusual air patrol movements detected by the Chinese air force. Indian media reported that IAF has moved in QRSAM Air defense systems which wrongly was attributed to Air defense systems developed by State-owned DRDO.

Information provided to is that IAF has moved 4-5 SPYDER-MR systems from its Western Borders to Ladakh region and it was not DRDO developed QRSAM Air defense system. Many Indian defense observers mistakenly said that DRDO developed the QRSAM Air defense system which is yet to begin its User trials with the Indian Army was the one which was moved to the Ladakh region by Army.

QRSAM Air defense system has completed its Developmental trials by DRDO but waits for user trials to be carried out by Army and not many Mobile Truck-mounted Air defense systems have been manufactured to be rushed to the border. IAF has 18 SPYDER-MR systems that have been moved from some sectors in the western region and are made of Python-5 and Derby in surface to air missiles (SAMs) configuration.

Army already has Mobile Truck-mounted Akash Air defense systems also in the region.




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