India’s Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) developed Advanced Self Protection Jamming Pod (ASPJ ) is set for production as per available tender documents, under which 8 Prototypes will be developed for final rounds of flight testing to be done in collaboration with Indian Air Force (IAF) on its Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft . ASPJ Pod will address advanced and emerging threats using the latest digital, software-based, and Active Electronically Scanned Array technologies and will provide enhanced AEA capabilities to disrupt, deny and degrade enemy air defense and ground communication systems.

ASPJ is a new development based on the experience gained from the development of the SIVA IMR pod that was developed to be used for Real-time location of hostile ground-based air-defense radars with its fine direction finding (FDF) antenna. ASPJ will be used onboard Sukhoi-30MKI and Mig-29UPG fleet initially but will also find its way in Tejas Mk2, might be later be adapted Tejas Mk1A fleet as well.

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