Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Donyi Polo Airport in Itanagar, bolstering India’s ability to launch a military counter-offensive against the Chinese. The Donyi Polo Airport, Arunachal Pradesh’s first greenfield airport, was built on an area of over 690 acres at a cost of more than Rs. 640 crores.

The airport’s 2300 m runway allows for all-weather day operations. Donyi Polo Airport in Itanagar is expected to not only improve connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh and the northeast but also to act as a catalyst for the growth of trade and tourism, thereby boosting the region’s economic development.

The Donyi Polo Airport, which has a tarmac large enough to accommodate three Airbus A320s, could also be used by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in the event of another war with China. IAF will be stationing four Mi-17 Helicopters that could be used for VVIP Transport or providing other services in the region.