The government of India issued a notification on April 1 changing the decades-old domicile law of the region which was quick to be slammed by Hardliner Kashmiri separatists and Pakistani Government along with its Army and almost all Arab and liberal media who are already calling recent moves buy the Delhi as “Palestine in the making” to change 97 % Muslim majority demography of the Union territory into Hindu majority area.

New Domicile law for Jammu & Kashmir entitles anyone who has stayed in the region for 15 years to domicile status, 10 years for central government officials and their children and seven for high school students. But new Domicile law also has been slammed by the unlikely corner that is Indian Right-wingers who see this new law has self-imposed handicap after getting rid of Article 370.

Why the Islamic and liberal press world over is calling it India’s objective to turn the Muslim majority in the region into a minority one, Indian Right-wingers who have complied data suggests that 15-year mandatory stay rule before an individual is classified as local then on he will be allowed to buy land and property means for demographic change to happen in Kashmir as per new Domicile law it will take nearly 40-50 years for Hindu/ Sikh population to grow from the current 3% to 5-6% even with movement from other states, which means Kashmir will remain Muslim majority no matter what for another 5 decades.

Another astonishing thing recorded in the last 30 years is that While Total Fertility Rates (TFR) is declining everywhere else in the region, TFR of Muslim women in the Valley has increased from 2.6 to 3.9. This means that an average woman in the Valley today can now expect to have 1.3 extra children in her lifetime which indicates that organized effort has been made by the community to support larger families, especially among poorer people and there is a conscious and concerted effort to encourage women to have more children.

These unusual numbers point towards another front of the ongoing proxy war in the valley which is to maintain the 97 % Muslim majority in the region and also to change the demographic of the Jammu which largely has been Hindu majority which is dropping at an alarming rate due to settlement of Kashmiri Muslims from the Valley in the Jammu region.

Domicile law in the majority of states grants local Domicile certificate to its residents if they own a property or have stayed locally for 5 years. New Domicile law for Jammu & Kashmir might be changed again if the non-right wing government comes to power in the center in near future fear Indian Right-wingers which negate any gains made by the removal of Article 370.

Modi government faced repeated propaganda after removal of Article 370 from the Islamic and liberal press world over only to come up with self-imposed handicapped Domicile law, while the majority of Hardliner Kashmiri separatists were in favor of domicile law as seen in Himachal Pradesh in terms of its restrictive land laws for purchase by outsiders in the state.

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