Dhanush artillery guns have completed second-line firing trials at the Pokhran firing range. Gun Carriage Factory (CGF) in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur had supplied two guns for fresh second line firing trials where each gun fired 45 rounds without any fault and then both the gun were moved to a distance of 25km by road before it again fired another 45 rounds.

2 Guns fired 90 rounds each ( including 35 rounds with Zone 6) flawlessly and will clear much anticipated large-scale induction of the Dhanush artillery guns into the Indian Army after suffering production quality concerns by the Indian Army.

The Army had ordered 114 Dhanush guns in 2018 and has taken deliveries of 19 guns before the further supply was halted first due to CCP Virus lockdowns and later due to faults in the hydraulics, sight, and even mounting in some cases.

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