The Gun Carriage Factory recently handed over 5 of the 114 guns that the Army had ordered and Indian Army is already transporting them to Line of Control (LOC) to beef up Army capabilities at the border with the Pakistan. The Army will induct one complete Dhanush regiment, with 18 guns, by the end of this year and 155mm x 45mm artillery guns like Dhanush are increasingly required to supplement firepower provided by Bofors guns to retaliate against shelling by the Pakistan Army along the LoC in the current round of confrontation.

Dhanush has a hitting range of 11 km more than the original Bofors gun and is equipped with an inertial navigation-based sighting system, auto-laying facility, onboard ballistic computation and an advanced day and night direct firing system. Dhanush Weights less than 13 tonnes, with has a high ground clearance of 400 mm, ‘Dhanush’ is the “most maneuverable artillery system” and can be easily deployed in mountainous terrain.

Aging Bofors 155mm x 38mm guns which were first ordered in the ’80s performed exceptionally well in Kargil War for Indian Army but due to Bofors Corruption Scandal, only half of the original strength of 410 guns are operational today, Dhanush which is based on Transfer of Technology provided by Bofors on their Haubits FH77 155 mm towed howitzer comes with upgraded 45mm calibre barrel with hosts of modern electronic equipment’s which makes it at least 25% better in performance over the original gun.

OFB already has developed 155mm x 52mm gun calibre howitzer based on Dhanush design which has completed all Internal rounds of trials and OFB also showcased a 155 mm/52 calibre Mounted Gun System to meet an Indian Army requirement of 814 MGS systems.

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