Vertical Launch – Short Range Surface to Air Missile (VL-SRSAM ) that was tested only at the start of this year for the first time to be mounted on the future Indian Navy warships to provide point air defense to the ship and its crew and replace aging Barak-1 Point Air Defense Missiles acquired from Israel will see Indian Air Force (IAF) variant that will be Truck mounted on the 4×4 light utility Military truck for easy mobility.

Trial of the IAF variant of the VL-SRSAM from a 4 Canisterised Mobile launcher system that will enable a 360° Vertical launch system has been fabricated and mounted on a Truck. VL-SRSAM can provide air defense coverage against a wide spectrum of threats such as attack aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, Sub-sonic cruise missiles, and stand-off weapons.

Earlier this year VL-SRSAM was tested from a makeshift launcher but to continue further developmental trials a Canisterised Mobile launcher system needs to be fabricated before trials move to the user trials from the Warships.

VL-SRSAM is an Astra MK1 Beyond Visual range air to air missile that has been modified to be adapted for air defense roles and has a range of 40km. VL-SRSAM will compliment LR-SAM in Naval Warships and complement Spyder and Akash Mk1 Air defense systems in the Indian Air Force (IAF).

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