Bengaluru-based Tonbo Imaging, a start-up at Aero India 2021 had showcased its STAR” a See-Through Armor (STA) on the Indian Army’s amphibious armored fighting vehicle BMP-II Sarath has claimed to have reduced size, weight, and the power of the new upgraded STAR by 30%.

STAR uses micro-optics, lower-power electronics, and real-time vision that balances front-end analog processing with sophisticated digital image processing to come up with low-power imaging platforms across visible, mid-wave infrared, and long-wave IR spectrums. Star provides a panoramic see-through Armour system that significantly improves the vehicle’s all-around survivability and enhances the vehicle’s capability to respond first and rapidly inflict damage. Star will help overcome the Army’s handicap while operating such infantry combat vehicles, including dust, smoke, fog, camouflage, and even darkness used to hamper vision on battlefields.

Tonbo Imaging said the head-mounted display is a high-definition, mixed-reality eyepiece that displays images of the vehicle’s surroundings in a holographic form as if superimposed to the insides of the vehicle, thereby enabling the ‘see-through armour’ capability and it improves the crew’s spatial awareness by integrating a magnetic tracker that senses the head movement of the wearer and displays video from the same direction.

Tonbo Imaging claims to have developed the system in just 30months and has completed testing as per requirements of the Defence India Startup Challenge under the government’s iDEX.

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