In a significant development, the Indian Navy is closely monitoring the movement of a Chinese research vessel from the instance it entered the Indian Ocean Region. “The Indian Navy has been closely monitoring the Chinese research vessel as soon as it entered the IOR. Indian Navy’s assets which are Mission deployed in the IOR and the aerial surveillance capabilities ensure that the Navy maintains a comprehensive maritime domain awareness in the region,” defence sources told ANI.

The Indian Navy keeps an eye on any such activity in its area of responsibility through its aerial and maritime assets, the sources said. The Chinese research vessel has entered the Indian Ocean Region through the Sunda straits and it is still at a significant distance from Indian waters.

Indian Navy is also tracking its movement closely in the area and high altitude long-range unmanned aerial vehicles will keep a close watch and if it comes closer to Indian waters, an Indian surface warship may have a rendezvous with it. The Chinese also send these research vessels to keep track of their satellite launches but this time, its purpose may be to track Indian missile launches that are planned by the Defence Research and Development Organisation in the next few months.

India has been dealing with such spy vessels that remain in international waters but can detect and track activities using their equipment.