CSIR-NAL has developed a scaled-down model of the solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and trials of the same will begin later this year proof of concept will be proved throughout 2023 as per the latest media report by ” The Print”. National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) has confirmed to that the High-altitude platform station (HAPS) that their working on is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and is a separate program from HAL funded one.

According to NAL, the Estimated date of completion of the project will take place in mid-2025. NAL claims says that the HAPS will work as a pseudo satellite for telecommunication applications in the 5G & 6G spectrum and can also be used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions when equipped with multi-spectral cameras.

CSIR-funded project is carrying out research, detailed design, engineering development, and manufacturing of two prototypes, a subscale (1:3) vehicle which would demonstrate Reynolds number equivalent flight at 3km altitude and a full-scale prototype which would demonstrate flight at 20km.

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