A state of high alert has been declared in Mizoram’s Champhai district as intense gunfights erupted between the Myanmar army and rebel groups along the border. The clashes, which began on Sunday evening and continued through the night, have prompted hundreds of Myanmar nationals to seek refuge on the Indian side of the border. The main players in the conflict include the Myanmar army and the Chinland Defence Force (CDF), a group formed in 2021 in opposition to the military junta in Myanmar.

The skirmishes between the Myanmar army and the Chinland Defence Force escalated on Sunday evening, extending into the early hours of Monday. Reports indicate instances of bombings in close proximity to the international border, although no damage has been reported on the Indian side. James Lalrinchhana, the deputy commissioner of Champhai, affirmed the occurrence of the clashes and the subsequent influx of Myanmar nationals seeking safety across the border.

In the aftermath of the hostilities, over 1,000 Myanmar nationals, hailing from towns and villages in close proximity to the border, have crossed into Indian territory. The exact number remains uncertain, given the ongoing nature of the situation. This influx of refugees is not a new phenomenon, with a recurring pattern observed over the past two years. Each instance of heightened violence in Myanmar prompts citizens to seek refuge in India, with many returning once normalcy is restored.

While the exact figures of incoming refugees are challenging to ascertain, officials emphasize that this pattern has become routine during periods of unrest in Myanmar. The state of Mizoram remains on high alert as authorities closely monitor the situation. Despite reports of bombings near the border, the integrity of the Indian side has been maintained, and measures are in place to manage the influx of refugees.