A joint operation conducted by the Uttarakhand Special Task Force (STF) and the state cyber police has uncovered a sophisticated cyber fraud network involving Pakistani and Chinese fraudsters operating from Dubai. The arrest of Dharmendra Kumar from Sikar, Rajasthan, has shed light on a scheme where fraud money is rerouted through acquaintances in India to circumvent suspicion from UAE law enforcement agencies.

The arrest of Dharmendra Kumar (28) revealed intricate details of a cyber fraud operation with international connections. According to authorities, Pakistani fraudsters collaborate with Chinese counterparts based in Dubai. These Chinese fraudsters reportedly run call centers in Dubai, where technocrats from India and other Asian countries are coerced into making fraudulent calls worldwide.

To avoid detection by UAE law enforcement, the fraudsters employ a strategic financial maneuver. The illicit funds are first sent to India before being wired to Pakistan. This intricate process aims to create a diversion, ensuring that if their fraudulent activities are uncovered, the money would be initially traced to India, deflecting direct suspicion to Pakistan.

During interrogation, Dharmendra Kumar disclosed the hierarchical structure of the operation. He revealed that Pakistani fraudsters operate under the guidance of Chinese counterparts running call centers in Dubai. The cybercriminals strategically involve technocrats from India and neighboring Asian countries to carry out fraudulent activities on a global scale.

DSP Ankush Mishra from the state cyber cell expressed concern over the developments, terming it a worrisome situation. The authorities are intensifying efforts to delve deeper into the case, exploring the extent of Indian involvement in the cybercrime network. The case not only involves cyber fraud but also money laundering, prompting the cyber cell to consider seeking assistance from other relevant agencies in their ongoing investigation.