Amid COVID-19 outbreak came some reports that Dassault Aviation is Facing Uncertainty in Wake of Outbreak company’s Rafale fighter export to India and Qatar might suffer, French media agency quoting anonymous Dassault Aviation has said that both Qatar and India will be getting deliveries of Rafale jet as per schedule while the company might take a break on the production of the same jet for French Air Force.

The French government has ordered 180 Rafales to date, of which approximately 152 were delivered through the end of 2019. Currently, the government plans to defer deliveries of Rafales through the end of 2021 and restart it back in 2022 and also place orders for 45 additional jets to keep the production line open till 2030 for Export Market.

India has placed orders for 36 Rafales in a government-to-government deal and the first 4 aircraft will start arriving from May onwards in batches till the end of 2022 when all 36 aircraft will have been delivered to IAF by then. Training of Indian Crew and Pilots might slow down for the next few months said the same report but it is unlikely to affect operations of the jet in India when it is inducted in IAF from May onwards.

Qatar had placed orders of Rafale in two batches of 24 and 12 jets and deliveries of all 36 aircraft will also wrap up around 2022. Egypt which had ordered 24 Rafale jet has taken deliveries of the jets ordered by them in 2019.

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