Delhi’s Patiala House Court on Saturday issued production warrants to produce accused Neelam Azad, Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma, Lalit Jha, Amol Shinde, and Mahesh Kumawat. The accused could not be produced before the court due to the non-availability of police force. Link judge Sudhanshu Kaushik issued a production warrant and directed the jail authorities to produce the accused on January 31.

Delhi police moved an application seeking production of all accused persons from judicial custody On January 13, 2024, the court remanded all six accused in a parliament security breach case to a judicial case until Saturday.

During the last date, accused Neelam Azad told the court that a woman officer got her sign on 52 blank papers forcibly.

Her counsel, Suresh Chaudhary, also submitted that it happened earlier.

The court asked the counsel to file an appropriate application. Counsel for Neelam Azad moved an application.

Special public prosecutor (SPP) Akhand Pratap Singh had objected to the allegations and submissions of the accused.

The court recorded the submission of the counsels.

On January 5, five out of six accused gave their consent to a polygraph test. The accused, Neelam Azad, refused to take the polygraph test.

In addition, accused Manoranjan and Sagar also gave their consent for a narcotics analysis and brain mapping test.

The Special Public Prosecutor (SPP), Akhand Pratap, had submitted that a polygraph of all six accused is required, in addition to the Narco and brain mapping of Manoranjan and Sagar.

Legal Aid Counsel (LAC) Amit Shukla had asked the reason for the narcotics and brain mapping of two accused, Manoranjan and Sagar.

SPP said it was advised by the expert, and we are bound by the same.

All the accused persons have been arrested in the Parliament Security Breach case. They are in police custody. This case pertains to a security breach on the anniversary of the Parliament attack on December 13.