SOURCE: Express News Service

The police department will set up a counter-intelligence cell (CIC) to deal with any future threats posed by terrorists and agents of foreign countries inimical to India’s interests. The CIC will be modelled on the lines of the Telengana unit that has been largely successful in dealing with threats posed by extremist outfits. State Police Chief Loknath Behera said several states have formed CICs to deal with terror menace and the move was in line with the policy advocated by the central government. 

Though the modalities of recruitment and functioning are yet to be revealed, Behera said the CIC will remain a part of wider intelligence set up and recruitment to the specialised wing would be done in two ways. “The manpower can be arranged via direct recruitment and transfers,” he said.

“Those officers who have the flair and skill can be taught the craft attached to the CIC. Fresh recruitment is another strong option and those inducted will be taught everything regarding the craft from the scratch,” he said. He said fresh recruits will prove to be useful in the long-run as they would become experts on the subject. Meanwhile, sources said the CIC personnel will be provided training on intelligence collection, processing, handling of snooping devices and weapons.  

The police top brass had planned to set up the CIC last year, but was shelved due to Covid-19. Behera said the project would be materialised by the end of this year.The sources said the central government will provide the funds for setting up the CIC, while the recruitment process will be left with the state government. 

Coastal police to become a separate wing

Meanwhile, a proposal is on to transform the coastal police into a specialised wing. Currently, the coastal police stations come under the supervision of the district police chiefs. Once the proposal is accepted, the coastal police will become a separate wing like the Crime Branch. The wing will be then headed by a higher-ranked officer.