Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) and Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE) developed a new Armored driver cabin for Mounting Artillery Gun System (MGS) system was seen in the Bharat-Forge facility. BEML-VRDE are using Tatra T815 27ET96 28 300 8×8 terrain vehicle has a base for mounting a Kalyani developed 155mm/52cal caliber gun system.

Last year Kalyani Group developed an Indigenous, Truck-mounted all-steel Mountain Artillery Gun (MArG) 155 mm / 39 caliber Ultra-Light Howitzer (ULH ) called TC-20 that was handed over to the Indian Army for High Altitude trials to further enhance India’s mountain artillery firepower in near future.

Kalyani Group already also has developed an up-gunned Mountain Artillery Gun (MArG) with 52 calibers and the chatter is that this version of the gun will eventually be mounted on the newly designed Tatra T815 27ET96 28 300 8×8 terrain vehicle for Army trial purpose instead of using Advanced towed artillery guns system (ATAGS) a 155 mm/52 caliber gun system to have better mobility in mountain terrains.

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