According to a report by ” Shephard Press ” the Price of raw materials such as carbon composites has skyrocketed and is causing Indian vendors financial difficulties as India struggles with challenges associated with rising import bills and disruption to supply chains of specialized military materials during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk1A, which uses carbon composites in 45% of its airframe, that is slated to start delivery from February 2024 onwards might be the first victim with delays expected. there are some 463 vendors in the LCA program that are supplying carbon wing skins, forward fuselage, flaperons, rudder, keel beam, front fairing, upper fuselage shells, crown, and side panels but are already struggling with raw material supply issues claims report.

A total of 2,240kg of composites goes into the Tejas fighter, but the price of these materials has risen steeply which could mean that HAL will be forced to renegotiate the supply of these components with its vendors or they will be forced to incur losses or might default from their supply obligations.

While HAL already has concluded a contract with the Indian Air Force for the supply of 83 LCA-Tejas Mk1A might have to absorb the rise in production cost that will directly affect its profit margin in the program that was reduced after hectic negotiations with the MoD and IAF.

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