Columbia is seeking to replace the 30-year-old 21 Kfir fighter jet that it had brought from Israel with modern fighter jets for which it is examing offers from the United States, Spain, Sweden, and India. Columbia recently rejected the Israeli offer of Surplus F-16 jets that are under storage.

The United States has offered its F-16-V (Block 70), Spain its Eurofighter, Sweden Gripen-E, and India its LCA-Tejas Mk1 aircraft. Colombia is seeking new fighter jets that can be used to fight rebels and to tackle growing narcotrafficking in the region where civilian jets are been used to transport banned contrabands in the region.

While the country is keen to acquire modern fighter jets for its air force but the reality is that it has been struggling with a restricted financial budget to do so and will require a long-term soft loan arrangement from OEMs or their respected country if the deal has to go through.

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