Head-up Display (HUD) video of the Sukhoi-Su30MKI call sign ” Avenger-1″ that was attacked by Pakistani F-16 Block-20 jet post-Balakot airstrikes with a barrage of 4 AIM-C120-5 AMRAAM has been accessed by Russian Agencies who were keen to study how it was able to defeat modern American beyond visual range air to air missile. has been told that a small classified HUD Video from the ” Avenger-1″ also has been shown to many former top-ranking Indian air force personals to debunk false attempts by the Pakistan air force that had awarded it’s pilot a Su-30 kill based on his testament.

Small Classified HUD footage of Avenger-1 might go public but nobody knows when. People who have watched small declassified HUD Video have confirmed that Avenger-1 did try to chase 8 F-16s in the sector and saw AIM-C120-5 AMRAAM launches at DMAX-1 but since PAF F-16 Pilot soon went cold before it could further guide the missile mid-air due to which at least 3 missile went dud before even coming close to the aircraft itself.

The fourth missile was too close to comfort but again showcased excellent handling of the aircraft by a young pilot who vectored it away from harm’s way while he was against so-called Top Guns of the PAF F-16 fleet. Yearly Joint Military Exercise with Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-16 fleet in India’s eastern state of West Bengal allowed IAF to develop various scenarios that could be used to dodge an AMRAAM missile which is considered as the most potent of all air to air missile in PAF arsenal.

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