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The SSB has arrested a Chinese woman while she was trying to enter India illegally through the India-Nepal Sonauli border footpaths at 1 am on Tuesday night. The woman was trying to enter India in the dark. She was not found to have any documents to enter India.

On Tuesday night around 1 o’clock, the soldiers of SSB 66th Battalion were patrolling the footpaths of Indo-Nepal border. During this, the soldiers of border post Danda Head saw a suspicious woman on the way to the under-construction ICP near Dandapul of village Ganwaria. She was carrying a backpack. When the woman appeared suspicious, she told that she was Chinese, but she did not have any document of any kind. Women members were called and she was arrested.

During interrogation, she told her name as Kai Siohong alias Helen, resident of Siyah Road Area, Siming City, Siamese Province, Fujian, China. One mobile, one bag, one hard disk, some toiletries, one thousand Indian and three thousand fifty Nepalese currency were recovered from her. During interrogation by the agencies, it was found that the woman did not have any kind of documents; all the information in her mobile phone had already been deleted by her. A SIM card was also not found in the mobile. Local intelligence agencies are engaged in interrogation about the woman entering India.

Superintendent of Police Aatish Kumar Singh said that the woman was caught during SSB investigation. Necessary documents were sought from her, but she did not have any papers. A case has been registered in Sonauli police station.