Argentinian officials that traveled to China earlier this year have expressed concerns over the quality of Chinese JF-17 fighter jets in their report to the Argentina Armed forces and have been raised fears also about the Russian origins engine on the aircraft amid fear of American sanctions. Local media reports indicate that a great deal of pressure from the American administration on the Argentinian top brass not to go for Chinese JF-17 powered by Russian engine and instead go for American F-16 or Indan LCA-Tejas that is powered by American engine is emerging as top contenders.

Earlier this week, HAL delegations visited Argentina and briefed top officials of the Argentina air force on its offer of the LCA-Tejas for which it had offered a detailed presentation on the aircraft on the offer and also addressed concerns about the British-origin parts in the aircraft. Argentina twice had to call off a deal to procure combat jets due to British-origin parts.

Swedish company Saab called off the sale of Gripen to Argentina after British companies were not given export clearance and later same happened with Korean T-50 jets.

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