The Chinese military has carried out a test at a high altitude of a Truck-mounted 370mm PCL191 multiple launch rocket system that can hit a target 500 kilometers away. An extended long-range rocket launch system that is deployed near LOC will mean that it could hit any Indian military base along the Line of Actual Control from deep inside of its controlled territory.

Chinese Artillery brigade in the Western Theatre Command is currently equipped with PCL191 while the Indian Army multiple launch rocket system that is deployed both Russian and Indian made does not have the range to match this in performance and no data is available in public that claims that development of long-range multiple launch rocket system is underway in India.

Prahaar and Pralay are Indian-developed, canisterised tactical, surface-to-surface, and short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM) that have a range from 150 to 500km. Prahaar a road-mobile tactical ballistic missile was last tested in 2018 but some media reports claim that Army was not happy about its limited range of 150km and wanted something with increased range. Pralay the bigger of the two has a range to hit targets as deep as 500km and was last tested in 2021 but it is highly unlikely that it has entered production since it is yet to conclude developmental trials.

For some time it was rumored that DRDO was developing Pinaka MkIII which has a range of 150km but since DRDO has officially never acknowledged any such program in the public domain and most of the details are grainy its no clear if the project is active or not. The development of a long-range multiple rocket launcher system is not clear in the country even though the knowledge of the Chinese developing such a system for a while now was well known to Indian military bosses.

India will have to either fast-track its development of tactical missile systems and induct them fast to counter this new threat or sanction the development of locally developed long-range multiple rocket launcher systems in the country.

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