SOURCE: Global Times

For the first time, China’s military post at the highest altitude in Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region was revealed to the public Sunday by China Central Television (CCTV). 

In order to enhance border management, the People’s Liberation Army Tibet military command established the post in Xigaze in early 2020 at an altitude of 5,592 meters, according to CCTV. 

A border defense company based in Gamba was dispatched to the post. Gamba is north of India’s Sikkim state.  

In 2020, China and India went through a series of border conflicts including a bloody brawl in the Galwan Valley in June and standoffs in other areas along the China-India border.

In a video shown by CCTV, the soldiers were having barbecue and lamb hot pot for dinner. According to the report, when the soldiers first came to the post, there was nothing but stone heaps and the temperature was minus 20.

“We built this with spades and pickaxes and will defy death to defend it,” Li Xin, an instructor with the company, was quoted as saying by CCTV.

A soldier named Lu Zhouyang told CCTV that they only had shelter behind a big stone at the beginning. But things are getting much better now, as there is running water and roads are being built, he said.