Following the recent 2+2 ministerial dialogue between India and the United States in New Delhi, China’s state-run Global Times has expressed strong criticism in an article published on Saturday. The editorial accuses the U.S. of attempting to “contain” China by drawing India into its sphere of influence, cautioning India against falling into what it perceives as a U.S. trap.

The Global Times advocates for improved relations between China and India, emphasizing that China does not view India as an adversary but as an important neighboring nation to engage with on equal terms. The article suggests that handling differences through respectful dialogue is the appropriate approach.

While acknowledging that India-U.S. cooperation is acceptable if it doesn’t impede the legitimate rights of other countries, the Global Times raises concerns about potential threats posed by military and security collaborations between India and the U.S. If such partnerships jeopardize China’s legitimate interests, especially in military aspects, the editorial deems it a serious cause for concern.

The Global Times’ reaction reflects China’s growing unease about the deepening ties between India and the United States across various domains, including defense, security, and trade. The editorial signals China’s apprehension and underscores the complexities in the evolving geopolitical landscape.