Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in his recent visit to China briefed Chinese leadership about the New Political Map of Pakistan which included the whole area of the Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir but had no frontier defined in Indian Ladakh sector and also later Qureshi also explained that the purpose of his recent visit was to “understand [China’s] current state of mind and gauge their stance on India”.

According to Pakistani media, Qureshi also asked Chinese support and help in Kashmir Push at the International stage and in return, the Chinese leadership has made some Pathbreaking suggestions to the Pakistani government which they think will be able to put International pressure on India. Chinese apparently have told Qureshi that the Kashmir issue is inching towards a final settlement soon and recent border clashes with India near the Galwan area were to have upper hand in settlement dialogue.

Chinese which has been carrying out infrastructure projects inside Gilgit-Baltistan as part of its CPEC project have suggested that Pakistan go head and declare the strategic region as the fifth province, a move that may raise concerns in India which have seen some activities after Pakistan’s top court ordered the government to grant fundamental rights to residents of Gilgit-Baltistan and ruled that the powers of the top court also extended to the region.

Pakistani Government is concerned that the integration of Gilgit Baltistan could jeopardize its demands for the dispute surrounding Kashmir to be resolved according to UN resolutions but Chinese have also explained to Pakistan that China alone in United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will not be able to force India to open Kashmir for UNSC or UN nor Pakistan has the support of other 4 UNSC members who in the past have blocked multiple attempts by China to deliberate on Kashmir issue due to Indian diplomatic offense.

The Chinese think tank has suggested the Pakistani Government to approach United Nation and ask of UN-monitored plebiscite in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir (POK) so has to negate any moves by India in the region militarily. An UN-monitored plebiscite in POK in favor of Pakistan could mean that the area is no longer a disputed area which India can claim at International forums like in UN but also means along with Gilgit Baltistan even Pakistani Occupied Kashmir (POK) could be declared as a settled area where the will of the People has been taken into.

The Chinese think tank believes that this will put tremendous pressure on India to have similar kind of UN-monitored plebiscite in the Indian side of Kashmir so one of the reasons why Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir” (IIOJK) term has been adapted instead of earlier India Occupied Kashmir (IOK) by Pakistan government recently. An UN-monitored plebiscite in POK might be refused by the UN since it is not as per UN Resolutions but the Chinese believe even if Pakistan monitored one plebiscite will act as a great propaganda tool for the current dispensation and act as a confirmation of Islamabad rule in POK.

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