Chinese research vessels, which are believed to have a covert spying function, have been making frequent visits to the Indian Ocean. In addition, there are Chinese warships present in the region under the guise of anti-piracy operations. These activities indicate China’s intent to establish a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean, albeit through a different approach, according to reliable sources.

Along the Makran Coast, specifically off the Baluchistan coast, China has been deploying marine buoys with the purpose of collecting data on various aspects such as water profiles. These buoys function as sensors, relaying information to a ground station that China is constructing in the Sir Creek area, not far from the Indian coast. Once operational, the station will receive the data from the sensors and transmit it back to China. The site surveys have been completed, and Chinese technicians have been observed in the region.

India is also aware of China’s desire to replicate a similar setup in Sri Lanka; however, the plans have not materialized thus far. In the past, Chinese spy ships have docked at Sri Lankan ports, which elicited a strong reaction from India.

The presence of Chinese research vessels and warships in the Indian Ocean has raised concerns among regional stakeholders. While China claims its activities are related to scientific research and anti-piracy efforts, their underlying objectives and potential security implications cannot be ignored.

India, as a significant regional player, remains vigilant about China’s increasing presence and its strategic ambitions. The Indian government has closely monitored Chinese activities and taken measures to protect national security interests. The previous docking of Chinese spy ships in Sri Lankan ports prompted India to express its concerns, highlighting the need for continued vigilance and cooperation among regional partners.

The developments in the Indian Ocean underscore the evolving dynamics and growing competition among major powers in the region. As China continues to expand its presence and influence, countries like India need to maintain a proactive approach to safeguard their interests and maintain stability in the Indian Ocean region.

Efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness, intelligence sharing, and cooperation among like-minded nations become crucial in effectively addressing the challenges posed by China’s activities. Strengthening partnerships, promoting transparency, and upholding international norms will be vital in maintaining a secure and stable Indian Ocean region.