They are stationed near to the contested line of actual control. The border region has been the scene of heightened tensions between the two countries including several clashes.

The Type-928D assault boats are generally similar to the Swedish CB-90. They represent a significant increase in capability for Chinese forces on the mountain lakes along the contested border. The type was first deployed to the lake in October 2019.Based on satellite imagery analysis they began appearing at the western end, nearer the defacto border around June this year.

The Type-928D is manufactured by Changzhou FRP Shipyard Co Changzhou, Jiangsu, China which specializes in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) boats. The yard appears to be constructing large numbers of various riverine craft for the Chinese armed forces.

The Type-928D is 13.8m (45 ft) long and has a beam of 3.9m (13 ft). Its three 295 hp motors give it a top speed of 38.9 knots. In the assault role it can carry up to 11 troops. They are primarily armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted in a remote weapons station (RWS) above the cabin offering a wide arc of fire. Two crew-served machine guns can be mounted on the aft deck.