The Indian Army soldiers are performing their duty at the border to protect the country. At the same time, the Government of India is making efforts to create a more conducive operational environment to the Indian Air Force during the war like situations. So that fighter planes can land on any national highway in times of crisis. The central government has started arranging this in the entire country. 

National Highways in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and some other border states are being made in a way such that the Indian Air Force can use it in emergencies. This arrangement has already been done in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Now this work has started in West Bengal.

National highways to be developed at more than 10 locations

National highways will be developed at more than 10 locations in the state. The system is going to be on all national roads near the Air Force base. Under the project, fighter plane landings are being arranged on National Highway No. 60 in a five-km stretch from Bakhrabad to Potkapul of Belda Police Station. The road measurement process is underway before expansion. Sources said that this work is important at a time when tensions are increasing in the Indo-China border areas almost every day. Kalikunda Air Base is close to here which is a very significant airport. Due to its geographical location, it will take 20 minutes for the Air Force to fly from this place next to the state of Sikkim to the Chinese border. For the construction of this runway, about 30 meters of land is being taken on either side of National Highway No. 60.

The concrete divider between the two lanes of the National Highway is being removed. This emergency runway will be constructed parallel to that place. This runway is going to be 5 km long. Some state-of-the-art technology will be used for this purpose. The project will be started on all national highways where airbases are present. Kalaikunda Air Base Camp is located near Kharagpur, a short distance from Belkuda. Now the National Road Authority wants to complete the road extension work very fast. The target is to complete the remaining work in about seven months.