Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya on Wednesday said China had interfered in the United States presidential elections as Donald Trump had discord with the communist country. According to Vijayvargiya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also had a similar impact on China after the border clashes at eastern Ladakh. He believes that because of this reason, China might interfere with 2024 elections in India.

The BJP general secretary told ANI that he read a newspaper report of the United States which stated that China played a major role in defeating Donald Trump in the presidential elections. In the same way China harmed Trump with whom it had differences, the country might try to do so with Modi following the border clashes, said Vijayvargiya.

He said it is suspected China can mess with India’s 2024 elections.

“I am not saying all this. These discussions are happening around the world,” he added.

He said it is possible that China is using the “man-made” virus as a weapon against India.

“It is very much possible. The way Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushed the Chinese Army back into its territory during the border clash a few months ago, it is possible that Modiji’s presence is felt by China,” he said.

Regarding the the second wave of Covid-19, Vijayvargiya told ANI that there was no prediction about it.

“The second wave is not prevalent in any other country across Asia. Not even in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, nor Bhutan. All over social media, it is being said that Covid-19 is a man-made virus. It is being suspected that China has deliberately played a virus war,” said Vijayvargiya.

According to him, even the American scientists in a news channel on Tuesday said that Covid-19 is a man-made virus.

Regarding the role of the Opposition during the second wave of Covid-19, Vijayvargiya said that our Opposition party must learn from Israel’s Opposition that supported the government when clashes broke out between Israel and Palestine.

“The Indian Opposition party is participating in farmers’ protest, but when Modi Ji is holding a conference, only then they see that the virus is spreading and not when the farmers are protesting. These are the double standards of the Opposition,” said the BJP general secretary.

On Tuesday, the farmers observed Black Day as a mark of opposition to government as they completed six months of the protest at Delhi borders.

Talking about the issue, he said, “I have seen how many farmers are associated with the movement. I do not think that these protests have any emotional impact on farmers. I have realised that foreign forces are engaged in the farmers’ movement. This is not really a farmers’ protest.”